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Specification for Powder Coating Over Hot Dip Galvanizing

The following specification is recommended:

  1. Hot dip galvanize and do not water or chromate quench
  2. Remove all drainage spikes and surface defects
  3. Powdercoat within 12 hours of galvanizing. Do not get surfaces wet. Do not leave outside
  4. Keep the surface clean. Do not transport uncovered loads. Diesel fumes will contaminate surface
  5. If surface contamination has occurred or is suspected, clean surface with proprietary solvent/detergent designed for pre-cleaning prior to powdercoating
  6. Use zinc phosphate pretreatment if highest adhesion is required. Surface must be perfectly clean. Zinc phosphate has no detergent action and will not remove oil or soil.
  7. Use iron phosphate if standard performance is required. Iron phosphate has a slight detergent action and will remove small amounts of surface contamination. Best used for pre-galvanized products
  8. Pre-heat work prior to powder application
  9. Use 'degassing' grade polyester powder only
  10. Check for correct curing by solvent testing. Adjust pre-heat and line speed to ensure full cure.

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September 13, 2006