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The first step in the coating selection process is to define your finished product requirements. With a specification, a manufacturer can work with a coating supplier to get just the right coating formulated for their specific need.


In selecting a thermosetting powder type from a powder coating supplier, it is advised that the following thoughts be kept in focus throughout the selection process and during negotiation with suppliers.


The key selection factors are:

  • Demonstrated film performance
  • Demonstrated application characteristics
  • Cost performance balance


Testing of performance issues is important. For example, if the product will be used outdoors, resistance to UV light and outdoor

weatherability should be tested.


The properties of any particular powder will vary even if they are the

same chemistry. Formulators can produce materials to meet specific needs.

This is a summary of the key properties of each generic type of thermosetting powder as discussed.


  • Tough
  • Chemically resistant
  • Poor exterior durability (chalking)



  • Decorative film performance similar to epoxies
  • Some UV and overbake advantages
  • Not exterior durable


Polyester Urethane:

  • Exterior durable
  • Thin film powder coating


Polyester TGIC:

  • Exterior durable
  • Good edge coverage
  • Thicker films are no problem



  • Excellent weatherability
  • Excellent appearance
  • Good-fair impact resistance

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June 14, 2012