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A variety of different tapes are available for masking. They can be

ordered cut in a particular pattern and size, in rolls of different sized

discs, or in continuous rolls that can be cut to size. Different types of

tapes are available for different applications.


There are many other tapes available including masking tape, high-temperature tape, polyethylene tape and others. Each tape has its own features and is suited to a particular task. Be sure to select a tape that has the properties that are needed for the process.


Temperature resistance and the nature of the adhesive backing are

particularly important. The tape must be able to withstand the cure

oven temperature and the adhesive should be easy to remove without

extra effort or secondary operations. Polyester tape with silicone adhesive is commonly used for powder coating.

hi temp tape powder coating

masking products for powder coating


Selection of a particular tape may require some testing. Contact a

supplier of tapes and get samples for trial. Balance the cost with the

proper performance. Remember that the tape must stand up to the

process (water, chemical, thermal, abrasion) it must be economical, it

must be easy to apply and remove, it cannot leave adhesive on the

part surface, and it must be within certain cost limitations.


Tapes are excellent for covering spots on parts that need to be free of

powder coating. They can also cover holes or threads. Tapes are flexible

and usually cost effective.


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